Wednesday, 18 November 2009

the 7ps( place)

It refers to the place where the customers can buy the product and how the product reaches out to that place. This is done through different channels, like Internet, wholesalers and retailers. they are factors to be considered when talking about a place for a business. first direct dont have a place like a building to get to them but they made it easier for their customer to get to them. by reaching to them at home, where you work, on the road, on the bus , even in a hole. they reach their customers through their phones and internet.
  1. choice of channels and outlets: channels and outlets are ways a produce distributes his goods to reach the customers. you should have a good choice of channels to distribute your goods to the customers. so that it can reach them on time. first direct dont have lots of channels to reach their customers. once a customer calls or go to the internet to get to them he/she speaks to a person who will help get their transactions done.
  2. channel of distribution: they are all the organisations through which a product must pass between its point of production and consumption" example: from the producer to whole saler then retailer and the final consumer. how the goods reach its customer is very important, for quick sale. that is an easy part for first direct because customers dont have to travell to get them once you call or go online in the internet to drop a comment or what you want to be done for you it gets done fast.
  3. market coverage: its the number of active retail and / or wholesale outlets that sell a specific firms brand in a given market. first direct dont have a retail and whole sale outlets they provide their services throug the internet and through telephone calls.
  4. channel variety:its about using different places to sell a product to get to its customers. first direct are internet and telephone based they dont have any channel variety they just made it easier for customers by calling them or going to the internet.
  5. dealer support: with the help of dealer support the goods get to the customers. the dealers can be an individual or a firm, they buy goods from the producer for wholesale or retailing. first direct dont need a dealer suport because they have a direct way of geting to its customers.
  6. long and short channels: the time the product gets to its customer. its either long like when it passes though the wholesaler, retailer then the final consumer, or when it passes from the producer to retailer then the final consumar, or from producer to consumer. first direct have a very short channels of how its services gets to its customers.
  7. role of the intermediary: the intermediary can be a firm or a person who acts as a mediator on a link between parties to a business deals. example of intermediary are brokers, banks etc. first direct dont have an intermediary,because they are also one.
  8. physical distribution/logistics:

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